ADA SOLOMON - ARTIST    (Henna, Portraiture, Decorative Objects)
* Henna Body Art in the Boston and
New England area.
* Oil painting commissions
* Hand Painted Decorative
jewelry, rocks, bottles, and boxes

"Solomon’s commission portrait paintings explore unique formats and framing
devices, and are rendered with the sensitivity of a keen observer. Neo-Cubism is a new form of portraiture created by Ada Solomon in which numerous portraits (of the same person or of family members) are painted on moveable wooden blocks. This unique form of portraiture allows for the viewer to interact with the portrait and rearrange the blocks to create a multitude of sculptural combinations. Studying sociology as an undergraduate at Wesleyan University and completing her MSW in social work at Simmons College, Solomon combines her interest in human nature with her life-long love of oil painting. In addition, she is also an accomplished henna artist. Inspired by her travels in India, Solomon has put her own unique twist on the art form, adorning small wooden boxes, glass vases and stones with stunningly detailed and meditative designs rendered in gold leaf and gold paint."